Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it . . .

When I first met Tad he always only ordered the bacon cheeseburger at Applebee's and the chicken bacon swiss at Arby's. He always only got the nachos at Bandito's, which was the only mexican restaurant he'd ever consider visiting, and his lunches always and only consisted of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

Over the years, and partially thanks to my somewhat eclectic interest in food, his tastes have improved.

Foods/restaurants that Tad used to either dislike or avoid but now very much enjoys, include but are not limited to:

1) Cream cheese
2) Salmon
3) Buttered noodles
4) Penn Station
5) Bleu cheese dressing
6) Roast beef sandwiches
7) Provolone cheese
8) Pepper jack cheese
9) Any cheese except American (which used to be his favorite but is now his least favorite)
10) Specialty coffees (he used to just drink regular)
11) Jimmy Johns
12) Portillo's
13) Rainforest Cafe
14) Chimichangas
15) Gyros
16) Sour kraut
17) Swedish pancakes
18) Shrimp
19) Mushrooms
20) Specialty coffee creamers and syrups
21) Salads
22) Iced tea
23) Qdoba
24) Olives on pizza
25) Giordano's
26) Lou Malnati's
27) Fettucine alfredo
28) Rally's
29) Tomatos
30) Oriental flavored Ramen
31) Picante chicken flavored Ramen
32) Beef flavored Ramen
33) Subway
34) Flannigan's
35) Tilapia
36) Chinese food
37) Arabic food
38) Culver's
39) Lays Stax

RED indicates items that I introduced
PURPLE indicates items Tad either discovered or changed his mind about on his own

I'm so thankful that even though he's resistant to change, Tad really puts forth an effort for me (and in case you were wondering, this is going beyond food. Come on, people).

I'm NOT thankful that he's come to the point where his taste buds have spiraled out of control.

Tad is now craving mushrooms and tomatos--two foods I abhor.


  1. Why oh WHY did I read this at 5:35 in the evening- hours before I'll get a chance to eat dinner??? Torture, I tell you. Just gimme a pile of those Swedish Pancakes and some grade B maple syrup and everything will be just fiiiinne. Going to exercise and swear now.

  2. Congratulations on broadening his horizens. I work with some people that don't eat white food. What is that about? The discriminate against whiteness? And think about all the yummy things that are white...sour cream, cream cheese, cheese cake, cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese, I could go on for year!