Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Pie Maker: Strawberry Pie

Ladies and gentleman . . .

I have mastered the pie crust

It started with two wives and a dream--a dream to craft pies that would rival those found at county fairs and on 1950's kitchen windowsills.

Some said it could not be done. They feared The Crust, knowing it has left many pie-making aspirations in its wake. Death and destruction surround it, and thus far, the only solution has been to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a store-made pie for approximately $5.

That is until the Pie Makers, armed with their Magic Touch, swept past the aisle of pre-made baked goods and went straight for the Crisco, corn starch, and fresh fruit.

The Crust would not stand a chance.

After seeking counsel from Pamela, daughter of Evelyn, they stirred, mixed, cut, folded, rolled, and pressed. They agonized over each accomplishment, knowing it only brought yet another step in the process--another challenge. Another possible loss.

Yet, when the last pie was pulled from the oven and the husbands gathered to partake in the spoils, there was nothing to be had but the sweet taste of victory. The Crust had admitted defeat without a fight. Its flakiness and perfection an unheard of accomplishment for two amateur Pie Makers.

And so goes the story of how The Crust was defeated by the Pie Makers and their Magic Touch.

(Left: Amanda's Strawberry Pie - Right: Cassie's Apple Pie)
Thanks for the crust recipe, Mom!


  1. Amanda and Cassie - Congratulations!!!!!! You have gone where many a wife has feared to go and at such a young age too!!! Both pies look delightful, delectible, and delicious. You have proven yourselves to carry on the pie maker's torch.
    Your welcome, Daughter!

  2. whew i read the word "Flakiness" and i thought it said "Nakiness" i am LIKE WHAT?!?!?! WHY?!?!? then i re read it and sighed a relief. Well done Amanda......

  3. thanks amanda's mom!! they were delicious ... and not as awful to make as we worried

    cassie o