Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Excuse me, Mr. President?

Dear American journalists/media people who were lucky enough to attend Mr. President's Q&A session tonight:

Have you ever considered asking straightforward questions? If logic serves me right, straightforward questions demand straightforward answers. None of this three tiered, multi-comma-ed hogwash. Enough of these addendums to the addendum of the addendum.

Also, what ever happened to going with the flow of conversation? If something sounds fishy, why not ask about that instead of what you've rehearsed? What's the point of a live Q&A if the questions aren't here and now? May as well move the Q&A to a chat room or something. Or an email blast.

In conclusion, when the President admits that everyone will be contributing $$ for healthcare because it's what we need, and then goes on to say the next 10 years will have us seeing a two-point-something trillion dollar decrease in our national defecit, then that's where you step in and call him on it and say something like:

Mr. President, it seems to me, then that you're not considering national healthcare out of need as much as you're considering it as a means by which the government will acquire more dollars to put toward the defecit. Am I right?

Really wish someone would have broken script and shot this one at him.


  1. Very well said. He needs to answer a few pointed questions, and he needs to answer them directly and truthfully. Perhaps that is too much to ask from a politician.

  2. Right on Amanda!!!!! Keep listening and to all the other politicians out there too. They have a tendency to contradict what they say and make it sound much better than it really is. Ever think about op-eding in the local newspaper???

  3. Hey mom!
    I don't think I know enough and keep up enough with politics :\ I'd be too afraid that I'd sound stupid.

  4. I totally understand!!! I would be afraid too. However......this one certainly didn't sound too stupid. Keep learning.
    Love ya ~mom