Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Memoriam of the Sears Tower

Before reading this post, I ask that you open another tab and play this song in the background. Thank you for your kindness.

To remember my friend, the Sears Tower, I purchased a Lego set. I had eyeballed it during our honeymoon, but at the time it was simply too expensive. Now, I realize, there is no price tag on loyalty and friendship.

I had Tad play Sufjan Stevens's The Seer's Tower in commemoration. The haunting melody was exactly what my hurting heart needed. I sang along, trying not to cry.

Block after block, I constructed the tower. I took my time, reflecting on the good times we had had together. . . the time I used it to find my way back . . . the time I realized that nothing too exciting happens at its base. I also took a few moments to shake my fist at Mayor Daley, his Irish mob, and Great Britain.

How would Britain like it if we bought Big Ben and renamed it Anheuser-Busch Time Piece? Or if we took Buckingham Palace and called it Washington Place? And where is Barack Obama in all this? He considers himself a Chicagoan, right?

But I digress. . . Sears Tower, we will miss you more than words can describe. You were my friend; you were my brother. You represented everything good and pure. You were the tallest, and then you weren't, and then you kind of were, but then you weren't. You were the newest, and then you weren't. You represented modernity, and then you didn't. You played your role well, Sears Tower.

I will miss you greatly, my friend.

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